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Why TRVMRG Membership is such a great idea!

Your family deserves peace of mind . . .

  • Becoming a member of Two Rocks Marine Rescue Group is a good step to ensure your boating safety.
  • Through no fault of the skipper even the best of mariners may need assistance when least expected.
  • Our work is not always about emergencies.
  • The largest percentage of our call-outs is for simple mechanical, fuel problems or flat battery.
  • We provide 365 days a year radio coverage for sail plans, weather updates, tidal information and calls for assistance.

Benefits of membership include . . .

  1. Members receive discounts on training courses.
  2. Access to our 20 years experience in rescues and breakdown assistance, providing one of the most efficient services on the WA coast.
  3. The group has 3 dedicated rescue vessels, manned by 10 skippers and 40+ crew and volunteers.
  4. The fastest dedicated response in our area to vessels requiring emergency assistance.
  5. Your membership goes towards ensuring the continuation of a valuable and much needed service.
  6. Members enjoy the fellowship and knowledge of  “old salts” from every work of life and social events on a regular basis.

The services that we provide are tailored to meet the needs of the local boating community based on knowledge and experience of  the reef system, weather conditions and sea state of our patrol area.

You and your family couldn’t be in better hands!

Explain and make clear the difference between membership and volunteer –
can be a member and not volunteer;
can be a volunteer and just a social financial member.
Do not have to be a boat owner to be a volunteer, or social member.
Must own a boat to be a boating member.
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Full Membership (Boat Owners) $50.00 inc GST    Associate Membership $10.00 inc GST

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